Tierarztpraxis an den Allee-Arcaden

Dear customers,

the summer closing time is from 12.08.-23.08.2024

We wish you all a wonderful summer.



please use the button on the lower right hand side on

the german website to make an appointment.

See you soon!


 Dear clients and new clients,


please understand that we cannot make appointments via email.



New clients please call us and tell us as detailed as possible why you need a vet, then we can help better.


For diarrhea or digestive problems:

please bring a fecal sample (ideally from 3 consecutive days).


In case of bladder problems and/or incontinence:

please bring urine

(can be collected very well with a ladle and transferred

into a clean screw-top jar,

for cats you can get special litter from us).


If you have an EMERGENCY with your pet, please come directly to the clinic or call us and we will tell you when we can see you the same day. 


If your animal is a small mammal (rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse, degu, etc.), a bird or an exotic animal, please contact appropriately specialised colleagues in the interest of your animal.

For a given occasion:


The veterinary practice at Allee-Arcaden is a neutral place.


Political opinions, sexual orientation or identity as well as nationality

are not important here. 


We are concerned with the animal and advising you as well as possible.









10-12 am

10-12 am

surgeries only

10-12 am

9 am - 12 am

4-6 pm

4-6 pm


4-6 pm





my name is Anne Gamalski

and I founded the veterinary practice at Allee-Arcaden in 2013. 

My main areas of interest are veterinary dentistry, skin diseases and ultrasound diagnostics.

For this purpose, my practice has a modern dental X-ray and ultrasound machine.



Picture by Captivation